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Why do Muslims eat halal food?

Word ‘Muslim’ relates to the people who follow or practice religion, Islam. Word comes from Arabic meaning submitter (to Almighty Allah). Muslims take their guidance from the holy book “Quran” which they consider to be the verbatim word of Almighty that was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). Eating food that is halal and avoiding haram is also among the teachings of the Book. A person who embraces Islam must have to follow it.

Concept of Halal and Haram

The thing that is permissible according to the Holy Book and the Prophet (Peace be upon Him) is termed as halal and which is not permissible is haram. It may be food or any other action. A quick example of haram in Islam is the blood of any type.


When we take a deep insight, we realize that prohibition of a thing is actually because of its harmful effects on human health or society. As it is an admitted and proven fact that blood contains a considerably high amount of uric acid that can be injurious to health. There are certainly many Benefits Of Eating Halal Food.

Halal meat

Halal meat is yielded from animals, whether it is cow, chicken, goats, camel, or all the other creatures permissible in Islam to be consumed as food, that is slaughtered in the Islamic way.

Process of slaughter

Animals are also created by Almighty God, one has to make sure that their sacrifice to be served for the right purpose i.e., for human consumption. Before slaughtering an animal, a Muslim pronounces Allah Almighty’s name on each animal being slaughtered. Then its neck is cut through jugular veins to lower the pain as much as possible. This process makes the blood drain completely in the first place. The object used to cut animals’ throats must be sharp enough and used swiftly. This disconnects the blood flow to the brain nerves means the animal does not feel the pain. The movements that animals make are due to contraction and relaxation of the muscles making blood drain from all parts of the body. Studies have shown that it is the most humane method of slaughtering an animal, as compared to the processes practiced in the west.

The meat really tastes fresh and amazing.

What is haram meat?

Haram meat is the one that is prohibited in Islam. It includes pork and dead meat except for fish and seafood. Other criteria in this regard are mentioned below:

  • The animals are stifled to death.
  • Those who are beaten to death.
  • Fallen from a height.
  • Partially eaten by other beasts and are not properly slaughtered before dying.
  • The ones who died due to an electric shock or in other circumstances

To sum up the discussion, any animal (permissible to be eaten in Islam of course) that is not slaughtered according to the Shari’ah law (the Islamic law)  is haram and not allowed to be consumed by a Believer (Muslim).

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