Mr Zagros Story

The first MR. ZAGROS location was established in Vaughan, Ontario in 2014. This location served up the first plates of authentic Mediterranean cuisine.
Over the following years, popular and increasing demand would allow MR. ZAGROS to become one of the quickest growing Mediterranean food chains in the Greater Toronto Area. This is largely due to the common passion for Mediterranean food and collaborative effort of founders Halil Bozca and Zubair Afzal.

Halil’s 20+ years of experience in the food industry and Zubair’s innate knowledge of business structures and relations have allowed for the expansion of the Mr. Zagros culinary experience to be enjoyed by more and more people every year.
Zubair Afzal - Owner
Zubair’s comprehensive knowledge and influential experience in financial, real estate, and construction industries have allowed for Mr. Zagros to expand into the successful franchise it is today. 

His prior education in commerce refined his interests for business leading to the success of other ventures in the fields mentioned. Zubair’s innate understanding of business structures and relations have cultivated the continuous growth and popular demand of Mr. Zagros into multiple Locations that serve the Greater Toronto Area.
Zubair Afzal - Mrzagros
Halil Bozca - Mrzagros
Halil Bozca - Owner
As a self-proclaimed foodie, Halil’s extensive culinary knowledge and over 20 years in the food industry have culminated into the authentic Mediterranean cuisine of Mr. Zagros.

Halil’s experience in the food industry are nuanced by his culinary endeavors in Europe, in addition to where he grew up in Ankara, Turkey. Halil’s passion in Mediterranean culinary arts are reflected in the recipes and preparation of food that is Mr. Zagros.

Acquiring a Franchise

Our Shawarma is not the only thing that is fresh. Our New image and Restuarant design have the Mr. Zagros Brand looking better than ever, Which means now is a great time to franchise!